Navigating a Changing Climate Conference



This major international conference, dedicated to the interests of waterborne transport infrastructure owners, operators and users, is being organised by the PIANC-led Think Climate coalition.


The conference will have three main themes, reflecting the work streams in the Navigating a Changing Climate Action Plan:

  • MITIGATION: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving towards low- or no-carbon navigation infrastructure
  • ADAPTATION: strengthening resilience and adapting waterborne transport infrastructure to projected changes in sea level, storminess, precipitation, river flow, air and water temperature, waves, wind, fog and other climate parameters
  • INTEGRATION: opportunities to contribute to climate change mitigation or adaptation by supporting intermodality, Working with Nature or integrated coastal management.

Confirmed speakers


  • Geoffroy Caude, President, PIANC: Welcome to delegates
  • Nick Cutmore, Secretary General, International Maritime Pilots’ Association: Welcome and the pilots’ perspective
  • Jose Viegas, Secretary General, OECD International Transport Forum: KEYNOTE The work of the ITF on climate change mitigation and adaptation in relation to inland and maritime waterborne transport infrastructure


  • Cornie Huisenga or Patrick Oliva, Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, Secretary General, SLoCaT or Vice President Michelin: Moving towards low carbon transport and transport infrastructure
  • Gernot Pauli, Chief Engineer, Central Commission for Navigation of the Rhine, Germany: Decarbonisation of Rhine navigation
  • Alan Lewis, Director, Global Logistics Emissions Council Smart Freight Centre: The GLEC Framework: Harmonising logistics carbon footprint methodologies across modes and regions
  • Caroline Kroes, Programme Manager Corporate Strategy, Port of Rotterdam: Deep decarbonisation at the Port of Rotterdam
  • Suzanne Kwanten, Milieucoördinator, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department, DP World: Sustainable energy management at DP World Antwerp
  • Doug Daugherty,Chair, WG 188, Ramboll: PIANC Working Group 188. Carbon management for navigation infrastructure and projects
  • Erik Mink, Independent advisor to the dredging industry, Bilbo Management Services: Offsetting emissions: the blue carbon concept


  • Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive, Port of London Authority, UK: KEYNOTE Adaptation: The Port of London experience
  • Adam Hosking, CH2M: Interpreting the climate science: a practical approach
  • Todd Bridges, USACE: Norfolk Naval Station: use of climate scenarios in assessing risks and deciding on adaptation
  • Hector Miole, AGM Operations, Philippine Ports Authority: Climate change resilience in the Philippines’ ports
  • Juha Schweighofer, Via Donau: The MOWE IT project: a handbook on climate change adaptation for inland waterway transport
  • Richenda Connell, Co-founder, Acclimatise, UK: The business case for adaptation at the Port of Manzanillo, Mexico
  • Marc Eisma, Port of Rotterdam: Why climate change adaptation makes economic sense
  • Nancy Saitch and Craig Davies, Senior Advisor on Climate Action and Environment, EIB and Senior Manager Climate Change Adaptation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Adaptation financing: a Development Bank perspective
  • Jan Brooke, WG 178 mentor: WG 178 Climate change adaptation guidance for ports and inland waterways


  • Sophie Punte, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre, The Netherlands: Integrated climate solutions
  • TBC, World Bank: Climate change and intermodality
  • Burton Suedel, USACE, USA: Realising River Island Habitat and Navigation Benefits in the Lower Atchafalaya River, Louisiana, USA though Strategic Placement of Dredged Material
  • Jaap van Thiel de Vries, EcoShape: Mangrove restoration: a win-win for ports and climate
  • Pieter van Eijk, Programme Head, Climate Adaptation and Risk Reduction, Wetlands International: Sustainable ‘Green harbours’


  • Regina Asariotis, Chief, Policy and Legislation Section, UNCTAD: KEYNOTE Closing address
  • Kevin Richardson, President, International Harbour Masters’ Association


For more information, please see brochure here


March 27, 2017 - March 28, 2017


Crowne Plaza, Brussels, Belgium


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