National & Regional Dialogues

The PPMC will convene a series of national and regional dialogues before COP21. These dialogues are intended to involve broad representation from the transport and climate change communities to gather ideas on common messaging and strategies to raise the profile of transport in a forthcoming global climate change agreement. Since many stakeholders will be unable to attend COP21, the goal of these dialogues is to ensure that all voices are heard and all perspectives are reflected into a comprehensive platform on sustainable low carbon transport to be carried forth to Paris at the end of 2015.

Regional dialogues are tentatively planned for Asia, Africa and Latin America, to incorporate stakeholder insights from a wide geographic area. One of which was the Regional Dialogue on Sustainable Transport Actions to Mitigate Climate Change in Latin America that took place at the 4th Latin-American Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS LAC) Annual Workshop at Punta Cana on October 13, 2015. A brief Report on Sustainable Transport Actions to Mitigate Climate Change in Latin America is now available.


The panel in discussions at the LEDS LAC

The PPMC will work with local and international partners in each of these regions, including national government bodies, regional government associations, regional development banks, non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities, to ensure that the most innovative sustainable transport solutions are brought to the table.

Dialogues are expected to cover three principal topics, including national reporting (e.g. how to maintain institutional memory between reporting cycles), pre-2020 ambition (e.g. how to scale up transport NAMAs for more transformational impact), and post- 2020 implementation (e.g. how to reflect required mitigation ambition from the transport sector in economy-wide INDCs). The PPMC acknowledges the importance of involving country-level experts from all areas of expertise in these dialogues (e.g. policy makers, transport data collecting entities) to properly inform sustainable transport policies.

These dialogues are targeted for the third quarter of 2015, to allow incorporation of contributions well in advance of COP21. Further details on PPMC’s planned national and regional dialogues are forthcoming; please watch this webpage for breaking news.