Launch of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) – countries, cities and companies joining together to catalyse the decarbonisation of transport

Transport emissions account for 25% of energy related greenhouse gas emissions and are rising fast. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change requires a net zero emissions economy by the second half of the century. Today the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) is launched in Leipzig, Germany. The TDA brings together leading countries, cities and companies who will work together to catalyse the accelerated decarbonisation of the transport sector.

The TDA currently consists of:

  • 6 TDA Countries: Costa Rica, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal
  • 5 TDA Cities: Rotterdam (Netherlands), Lisbon, Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos (Portugal)
  • 6 TDA Companies: Alstom, CEiiA, EDP, ITAIPU Binancional, Michelin, and PTV

The TDA Members are joining together to form a “coalition of the willing” to accelerate the worldwide transformation of the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050. The TDA´s ambition is to become the most visible and influential forum for public and private cooperation to ensure that all transport sectors contribute to the Paris Agreement ́s objectives.

“Without firm action on growing transport emissions the Paris Agreement will fail. We will work with other countries, cities and companies with high ambition in the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance to spearhead the global decarbonisation of the transport sector and demonstrate it is not a dream, but a reality, with concrete existing solutions”

– Elisabeth Borne, Minister for Transport, France

The TDA builds on the commitments and the stated ambition of Heads of States, Mayors and CEOs to decarbonize transport before 2050, targeting emissions from all modes of passenger and freight transport, including land transport, aviation and maritime transport. This is the first-time actors across the three key constituencies (countries, cities and companies) are committing to work together in a co-ordinated way to catalyse the transformation of the transport sector.

“We know reducing transport greenhouse gas emissions is possible, brings significant co-benefits in terms of safety and economic development – and is great business opportunity. With our partners in the Decarbonisation Alliance we look forward to being at the forefront of this transition”

– António Martins da Costa, Executive Board Member for Sustainability, EDP, Portugal

The TDA will accelerate action by facilitating discussion on decarbonisation in the context of global, regional, national, local and corporate policy processes; leading by example by demonstrating that decarbonisation is technically feasible, economically attractive, and brings broad social and environmental benefits by sharing experiences and best practices. Finally, TDA Members will take all opportunities to advocate for the accelerated decarbonisation and to engage a growing number of actors.

“Cities offer many opportunities to meet the climate goals in transport and at the same time improve spatial quality and the health of our citizens. We already see the changes in Rotterdam, but to scale up the de-carbonisation of transport we have to work closely together with the Dutch government and the private sector.”

– Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, City of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The initial 17 TDA Members are expected to be joined by more countries, cities, and companies from different parts of the world in the months and years ahead.

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