Knowledge Products for Habitat III

It is expected that various organizations including SLoCaT will launch knowledge products on transport and sustainable urban transport at the Habitat III conference. The Table below gives an overview of planned knowledge products.

SLoCaT will document these knowledge products, both developed by SLoCaT and external partners, at the PPMC and SLoCaT website. It will also assist in outreach on the knowledge products through web posts, e-mail and Twitter (see below).

Overview of Transport Related Knowledge Materials for HABITAT III

Name Organization Contact person E-mail Remarks
Literature Overview Transport, Equity and Poverty SLoCaT Talya Enriquez Romano
Sustainable Transport in NUA SLoCaT Mark Major
Data requirements to monitor global agreements for sustainable transport SLoCaT Karl Peet
Case studies of sustainable urban transport projects of MDBs represented in MDB Working Group on Sustainable Transport MDB WG on Sustainable Transport Tyrrell Duncan
Travel Guide Sustainable Mobility Quito GIZ/ICLEI/DESPACIO/SLOCAT Armin Wagner
Publication on Safe Routes Despacio (support from UN Habitat) Carlos Felipe Pardo
Publication on Public Spaces & 4 SDGs Health Bridge Kristie Daniel