Knowledge Products

Knowledge Products were important in 2015 to raise awareness on, and attention for transport and climate change. They were instrumental in helping to position the PPMC for COP21.

Efforts will be made to include key knowledge products (focusing on transport and climate change and which have a regional or global scope) on the PPMC website. SLoCaT will work actively with SLoCaT members on this. SLoCaT will document these knowledge products (both those developed by SLoCaT and by external partners) on the PPMC and SLoCaT websites. It will also assist in outreach on the knowledge products through web posts, e-mail and Twitter (see Section H ‘Outreach’ below).

The PPMC is expecting to have the following knowledge products in place by COP22:

Topic Description
GCAA Transport Initiatives status report This report will provide an update of the implementation status of transport initiatives under the GCAA (formerly LPAA) and report progress since COP21.
NDC Overview (long report) This analysis describes the transport-related elements in country NDCs, extending SLoCaT’s pre-COP21 analysis from 133 to 160 INDCs, and detailing the role of transport in achieving the Paris Agreement.
NDC Outlook _ (short research brief) This short document will explore what steps the transport sector needs to make to ensure that the mitigation potential of the transport sector will be fully reflected in the next generation of NDCs
GHG Methodologies Report This report expands an earlier detailed qualitative assessment to a list of 110 transport GHG emission methodologies and tools, covering a range of subsectors for both passenger and freight transport.
Global Road Map This analysis will describe the development of a ‘roadmap’ to decarbonize the transport sector, to put us on track for a ‘zero net emission’ economy between 2060 and 2080, and to help secure a ‘well below 2°C’ scenario. Interim results will be presented at COP22.
Transport Quick Wins This report details transport “quick win” actions for application in the pre-2020 period, to help kick-start progress toward a Global Road Map for the longer-term decarbonization of the transport sector.
Analysis of transport in IFF/PPFs This report presents a matrix of more than 60 infrastructure funding facilities and project preparation facilities, examining the priority given to transport investments and sustainability components with these facilities.
Transport Data and Global Agreements This document assesses how ADB’s Better Transport Data (BTD) Project can help to track the transport components in global processes, by describing overall data requirements and transport-relevant targets and indicators.
2050 1.DS Study This analysis will extend the results of SLoCaT’s Emission Reduction Potential in the Transport Sector by 2030 study to 2050, and expand the scope of the study to include a 1.5DS, in addition to the current 2DS.
Climate Finance Database This database compiles data on transport-focused projects from six of the main climate finance instruments (CFIs) to assess the contribution of these CFIs towards sustainable, low carbon transport.
SLoCaT data-bases on sustainable low carbon transport;This will be a brief 4 page infographic on key data bases maintained by the SLoCaT Partnership on Climate Finance, GHG assessment methodologies, Mitigation potential, etc.