ITS for Climate

Using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to deliver big results at a small cost



ITS for Climate Initiative aims to take a stand in favor of using ITS solutions to work towards a low-carbon, resilient world and to limit global warming below the 2-degree target and contribute to adaptation to climate change in large cities and isolated territories.


The initiative commits to spread awareness about ITS, and deliver accurate information; train and develop experts; promote “cross-fertilize” to build on past successes, develop incentive programs for ITS project deployment.

Partners and Signatories

The ITS for Climate initiative is carried out by ATEC, ITS France, and TOPOS Aquitaine, who represent a few hundred members; more partners and supporters are expected to join in coming years.

Activities of the Initiative

Outreach and Capacity building:

  • The initiative expects to have more partners and supporters joining in this year and will seek support across all continents, through different actions such as communication during ITS, smart cities and climate change congresses.
  • The initiative has launched in 2016 a Digital Mobility Ideas Box and the results were announced at Marrakech COP22 transport day and a Hackathon (2017).

Knowledge development:

The initiative is presently building the ITS for Climate Projects & Best Practices Database to register ITS solutions proposed or implemented to address climatic issues and is launching an international research program aimed at developing a methodology and a toolbox to precisely measure the impact of current and foreseen ITS projects and develop coordinated deployment plan of ITS Solutions specially in large cities and insulated territories.


For more information, please visit
Manifesto “ITS Addressing Climate Change” of the ministerial roundtable at the Bordeaux ITS World Congress (Oct 2015):

Focal point

Jean Bergounioux, and Florence Ghiron,