IEA Workshop: Transport, Energy Efficiency & Behaviour


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is hosting a workshop on Transport, Energy Efficiency & Behaviour 10-11 May 2016 at the IEA headquarters in Paris, France.

Workshop objective:

This workshop seeks to help policy makers plan, implement and monitor more effective policies to improve energy efficiency in the transport sector by sharing experience with measures, technologies and policies from around the world to encourage people to shift to more efficient transport modes, buy more efficient vehicles and reduce travel demand.

Why focus on transport?

Global transport demand has been growing steadily by 2% per year since 2000 and accounted for 28% of overall energy demand in 2012. By 2040, transport energy demand is projected to grow by a further 35%, despite current policies aimed at improving energy efficiency.2 Significant further improvements in transport energy efficiency are needed if governments’ economic, social and environmental objectives are to be met.

In particular, scaling up energy efficiency in the transport sector will require strong policies to help:
i) avoid/reduce travel through improved demand management, teleworking, urban planning etc.;
ii) shift travel to more efficient modes (public transport, walking, biking); and
iii) improve vehicle efficiency by strengthening and expanding the coverage of fuel-economy standards, encouraging the purchase of the most efficient conventional vehicles and electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, and promoting fuel-efficient driving and vehicle maintenance.

Experts from more than a dozen countries, representing national and local governments, research institutions and the private sector will present their analysis of and experiences with implementing measures to improve energy efficiency in transport (agenda attached). The agenda is divided into the following topics:

i. Demand Management

  • Congestion Charges and Dynamic Parking Pricing
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Behaviour Modelling
  • Demand Management Measures

ii. Efficient Driving

  • Encouraging Eco-Driving
  • Driver Feedback Systems

iii. Vehicle Purchasing Decisions

  • Vehicle choice
  • Promotion of Efficient Vehicles

iv. Fuel SwitchingPromoting Electric Vehicles

  • Promoting Electric Vehicles
  • Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
  • Promoting Hydrogen Vehicles

v. Public Transport Promotion

  • Attitudes Towards Public Transport
  • Promotion of Public Transport

Who should attend?

  • Policy makers from IEA member and association countries who are interested in learning about and sharing experiences with implementing energy efficiency measures in the transport sector.
  • Private sector experts involved in the logistics and planning of transport systems, the promotion and sale of alternative fuel vehicles, and the promotion of public transport.
  • Researchers analysing transport, energy efficiency and behaviour.

Why participate?
This workshop presents an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the ongoing and planned work in the area of transportation behaviour worldwide. Participants will be given the opportunity to share their own research and experience, discuss new approaches, gain insight into the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders, and influence the content and direction of a larger IEA work stream on energy efficiency and behaviour.

What are the outputs?
Findings from the workshop will feed into a wider IEA project aiming to inform more effective energy efficiency policies by better understanding human and business behaviour. It will also inform IEA work on transportation. The workshop outputs will include a detailed report on the findings from the workshop discussions and presentations.

To see the event agenda, please visit here.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact


May 10, 2016 - May 11, 2016


International Energy Agency Headquarters (Room 1)


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