High Level Champions Led Activities for Engaging Non-Party Stakeholders

The COP22 High Level Champions Hakima El Haité (Morocco) and Laurence Tubiana (France) have been appointed by the Moroccan and French Presidencies to organize a series of thematic action events, which will bring parties and non-Party Stakeholders together during the COP22. The mandate for the High Level Champions to convene non-state actors is provided by the COP21 decision. A major step forward, compared to previous years, is the awareness evidenced by the COP21 decision on the need for a complementary approach between climate action by State and non-State actors. In decision 1/CP.21,[1] the commitments from all actors are recognized, including those launched through the Lima–Paris Action Agenda (now GCAA), as well as the urgent need to scale up the global response to climate change and support greater ambition from governments.

PPMC and SLoCaT have been consulted by the Moroccan and French governments on the work of the Champions in the run up to COP22.

The PPMC (SLoCaT and MCB) will be leading the organization of the Action Event on transport during COP22 on November 12th. They will do so jointly with Société d’Investissements Énergétiques – SIE and in partnership with the Ministries of Environment and Transport in France and Morocco. The PPMC will actively consult with SLoCaT and MCB members in developing the program for the Transport Action Area.

Below is a current schedule for the Action Event on Transport:

Event Title Description Date
Announcement of Plans by High Level Champions from France and Morocco An introductory event will take place where the high-level champions will explain their plans for the two weeks of the COP , introducing the proposed events. The focus of this event will be the relationship between climate action by non-Party stakeholders and nationally determined contributions (NDCs) November 8th
Action Event on Transport During COP22 thematic Action Events will be organized where Parties and relevant non-Party stakeholders will discuss one specific thematic area. The Transport Action Event will kick off with a Press Conference on the Transport Action Area. Each Action Event will be composed of two segments: 1. Showcase Segment: In the morning from 10.00 and 12.30; Showcasing those GCAA initiatives on transport and climate change that represent examples to be followed or best practices. The selected initiatives should be transformational, replicable, and innovative; should have linkage with NDCs and should deliver concrete progress and results.2. Dialogue segment: In the afternoon from 16.00 to 18:00; a facilitated dialogue will take place in which selected invitees will discuss the linkage of the GCAA transport initiatives with a wider transformation agenda for the transport sector. The dialogue will also discuss cross cutting _ sustainable development oriented- issues applicable to other thematic areas such as gender, finance, poverty eradication and health. November 12th
High Level Event UNFCCC Parties, at COP21, also agreed to convene an annual high-level event (HLE) on enhancing implementation of climate action. This will be an opportunity to showcase action, to open a dialogue between high-level Party representatives and high-level non-Party stakeholders on how both can contribute to increase ambition to address climate change and to set out a roadmap for the year(s) ahead. Transport, as one of the seven thematic areas under the GCAA at COP22, will contribute to the High Level Event by presenting the main action oriented outcomes of the November 12th Showcase and Dialogue. November 17th

It is envisaged that a draft of the program for the Showcase and Dialogue event will be available by early October.