GoGreen by Deutsche Post DHL

dhl-gogreen A Decarbonization Champion in the freight sector is the company Deutsche Post DHL. Their goal is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. The company’s environmental protection program GoGreen is going to have positive impacts on the whole freight sector. It will accelerate the development of sustainable supply chains, as envisioned in Component 4 of the Global Macro Roadmap.

Deutsche Post DHL, the largest logistics company in the world, announced the zero emission commitment on 1 March 2017. The plan includes four milestones to be achieved by 2025 besides the long-term goal of zero emissions by 2050. Main measures of are the optimization of fleet, facilities and network.


Decarbonization Targets

Interim targets for 2025:

Overall long-term decarbonization target:




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Deutsche Post DHL’s GoGreen Program, http://www.dpdhl.com/en/responsibility/environmental-protection.html

Mission 2050: Zero Emissions, https://delivering-tomorrow.com/mission-2050-zero-emissions/