Gearing up for sustainable mobility at COP25!

The Chile Climate Change Conference, which features the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP25), started today and will be held until 13 December 2019 in Madrid, Spain. The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), a joint initiative by the SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and Movin’On, actively engages the global transport community at COP25 and is working closely with the Chilean Presidency to advance safe, efficient, affordable and low carbon mobility.


Message from Maruxa Cardama, SLoCaT Partnership Secretary General on behalf of the Secretariat:

Dear Members and Partners of the SLoCaT Partnership,

As the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 kicks off, this article aims to support engagement of the sustainable, low carbon transport community at the Conference. From the SLoCaT Partnership Secretariat, we applaud the dedication of Chile’s Presidency team in these trying times. Moreover, we commend Chile, Spain, the UNFCCC and all stakeholders involved for the spirit of cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition for the COP from Santiago to Madrid.

In SLoCaT’s capacity as Co-Focal Point for the transport sector in the UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, we are humbled by the quality of engagement of our community and the sheer number of exciting events being organised. Please take a moment to visit below the overview of transport events, which we are constantly updating.

We are especially grateful to our members, partners, and financial supporters, as well as to Chile for their cooperation towards making Transport Day 2019 happen one more year (see details below). COP25 marks the first-ever Transport Day hosted by a COP Presidency. Just a few months after the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit, this maintains the increased attention placed by the international community on the mobility and transport challenges and opportunities towards an equitable 1.5ºC planet. It also places additional responsibilities on our community to boldly and constructively address tough questions and find smart answers jointly with other sectors.

We would also like to put at your service the set of messages we have elaborated on behalf of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC). They highlight some of the existing solutions and outstanding challenges for sustainable, low carbon mobility and transport. Please take a moment to read them below and feel free to use them during these days at COP25 and beyond. Do not miss the opportunity of checking out in the same document, the transport initiatives engaged in the Marrakech Partnership, which are already helping realise the transformation of transport in a meaningful way.

Whether you are at COP25 or not, we warmly invite you to read our newsletters directly from Madrid on all transport-related matters. We will be releasing them every two days and make them available online. You can subscribe below.

Please do follow us on social media using @SLoCaTOfficial and hashtags #WeAreTransport, #enroutetoCOP26, and #TIMEFORACTION. You can count on the SLoCaT Partnership and its Secretariat to continue working towards safe, efficient, affordable and low carbon mobility for a positive systemic transformation of our societies.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming days!



Transport at COP25


Activities by the PPMC will focus around advocacy on sustainable, low-carbon, resilient and inclusive transport through events, reporting and outreach. This page on sustainable transport at COP25 is the main hub for information related to these activities.


Transport Day 2019


Transport Day 2019 will be held on Friday, 6 December 2019 at the Chilean Pavilion. It is the first Transport Day to be hosted by the COP Presidency and will feature high-level participants including the COP25 President, Carolina Schmidt. This year’s T-Day will continue the legacy of previous years and be a hub for key discussions around raising ambition of transport in service of decarbonisation. In addition, it will highlight the critical steps for non-state actors on the way to the 2020 milestone for the Paris Agreement and next set of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Transport Day 2019 will be organised in three segments each focusing on ambition, implementation and the way forward for transport. Find more information on Transport Day 2019 here.


COP25 Key Messages on Mobility and Transport for a 1.5 Degree Celsius Planet



The transport key messages for COP25 emphasize that ambitious, transformative action in transport is essential in order to tackle climate change and achieve sustainable development. Transport contributes roughly a quarter of global energy related GHG emissions. Without urgent intervention, these are projected to double by 2050 and transport will become the fastest growing emissions sector. The IPCC underlines that a 1.5ºC pathway for transport is possible. The transformation of our mobility and transport systems must be prioritised in policy, regulatory and fiscal frameworks. There is still time to act. But it requires unprecedented efforts by all stakeholders.

Read the full text here and download the infographic here.


COP25 Transport Events Overview


E-mobility is one of the topics highlighted by the Presidency and it can be expected to garner a great deal of attention at COP25. However, there are many events planned covering all kinds of solutions and transport modes. Take a moment to check out the large number of exciting events organised by the wide mobility and transport community at COP25, including by SLoCaT members and partners, on a vast range of transport topics, from freight and logistics to accessibility and gender. Keep an eye on this page of the PPMC website as it is being updated daily and feel free to contact Talya Enriquez Romano ( if you would like to have your event added to the overview.


COP25 Reporting


The SLoCaT Secretariat on behalf of PPMC will capture the main insights from sustainable transport events, ministerial meetings, and key negotiations in a bi-daily newsletter and a final report. Receive newsletters every two days directly from COP25 on all transport-related matters! Volume I will be released on 5 December, Volume 2 on 7 December, Volume 3 on 10 December and Volume 4 on 12 December. Subscribe to the newsletters here and keep an eye on the reporting page during COP!