Events on Sustainable Transport at COP22

During COP22 there will be a wide range of formal and informal side events in the Blue Zone (i.e. official zone for which accreditation by UNFCCC is required) and in locations beyond the COP venue. In addition, there will be a series of events hosted by the Moroccan Presidency in the Green Zone (i.e. civil society zone, open to the public with no need for COP22 accreditation) and in the Moroccan Pavilion in the Blue Zone. It is anticipated that mobility and transport will be included in all major types of events.

1.    Events organized by Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA)

At the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris, it was agreed that mobilizing stronger and more ambitious climate action by all Parties and non-Party stakeholders is urgently required if the goals of the Paris Agreement are to be achieved.

The events under the GCAA include the Thematic Action Areas (including transport – described above) as well as the Low Emissions Solutions Conference, which is scheduled for November 14-16th and which is organized by Government of Morocco, SDSN, WBCSD, and ICLEI. In the Paris Agreement, every country is responsible for producing a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for the period to 2030 and a Low-Emission Development Strategy (LEDs) to 2050 (Article 4). This three-day Solutions Conference will assist nations in the technical preparations of their NDCs and LEDs, and is aimed at problem solving, brainstorming, and global co-creation, without inter-governmental negotiations or agreements. Transport is one of the areas to be covered (on November 15th in the afternoon).

2.    Formal UNFCCC side events (Blue Zone)

As a part of the COP22 Program, there will be formal side events allocated by the UNFCCC at the Blue Zone, the official venue where accreditation is needed for access. The UNFCCC has recently announced the Side Events which were accepted. The SLoCaT Secretariat has put together a list of all confirmed side events on sustainable transport. These are listed in the table below.

3.    Side events organized through Moroccan Presidency (Green Zone & Blue Zone)

Apart from the official side events through UNFCCC there is also the possibility of side events to be organized through the Moroccan Presidency (see for more details). These can be either in the Green Zone (Civil society zone) or in the Moroccan Pavilion in the Blue Zone. PPMC (SLoCaT + MCB) has applied for 5-7 event slots from the Moroccan Presidency and we are still waiting to hear whether they have been accepted.

4.    Informal side events (on-site or off-site)

In addition to the formal side events, typically there are a number of informal side events organized in and out of the Blue Zone. This can include for example events at country pavilions (e.g. last year we had transport related events at the Dutch, German, French and Peruvian Pavilions on a range of topics). This type of informal side event also offers the opportunity to pursue activities that do not fit in the program of the Transport Day, and it enables especially non-private sector sponsors and partners to the PPMC to pursue a dedicated activity.

Moroccan preparatory events on transport and climate change

The PPMC will actively support Moroccan stakeholders who are planning series of preparatory events on transport and climate change including a “Train du Climat”, which will run from 19th of October to 5th November through 12 cities in Morocco. This also includes a special event:  “Climate Challenges: What Transport System for the Future” which will take place in Casablanca November 3, 2016.

High Level event on e-mobility

Important in this context is a planned high-level event on e-mobility. Such an event at COP22 would support climate action by demonstrating near-term implementation steps to scale up implementation of electric mobility as a key part of low-carbon transportation on the path to the longer-term targets of the Paris Agreement. It would translate research and case studies into an actionable narrative for a variety of public and private actors, including local, regional, and national government transport, transit, energy, and environment agencies; electric utilities; private-sector actors and investors; and NGOs. It follows the 2015 – COP21 “High-Level Event on Zero-Emission Vehicles” was organized by the EVI, ZEV Alliance, C40, UN Habitat, IEA, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, UN Environment Programme, and AVERE.

Transport Ministers Meeting

Efforts are underway by the Ministry of Transport in Morocco and France, that are supported by the International Transport Forum and (ITF) and the PPMC to have a meeting of Transport Ministers in Marrakech. This should help to actively involve Transport Ministers in the discussion on low carbon transport strategies. The meeting is currently scheduled for either November 11th or 12th, this to allow the participation of some of the Ministers in the Transport Action Event on the 12th of November and Transport Day on November 13th.

Transport CEO’s

In addition to a stronger engagement of Transport Ministers a successful transformation of the transport sector will also require a stronger engagement of CEOs of transport related companies. Initial discussions are ongoing to create a dialogue with relevant CEOs in Marrakech.

5.    Clean Mobility Reception (off-site)

2015 was the first year that the transport sector hosted a Clean Mobility Reception. The intention of the reception is intended to celebrate progress in raising the profile of transport in global discussions on climate change and sustainable development. It also serves as an opportunity to build networks and alliances with negotiators and people from outside the transport sector. Lastly it is an opportunity to thank sponsors of the PPMC and enable them to network. Last year’s Clean Mobility Reception on December 3rd was attended by over 250 persons and was considered a great success.

This year the Clean Mobility Reception will be held on Friday November 11th, at the Palais Gharnata in Marrakech. The Clean Mobility Reception is on an invitation basis only.