ETRA/IFSTTAR Workshop: “Transport & Climate Change- European Researchers Act”


The European Transport Research Alliance – ETRA, as an Organisation encompassing as partners five European Associations with members involved in different aspects and areas of Transport research. The ETRA, recognizing the horizontal nature of the impacts of climate change on the Transport system, organised a one day Workshop in Paris (on July 6 2015) in cooperation with the French Transport research Organisation IFSTTAR, and in parallel to the “Our Common Future under Climate Change – CFCC-2015” Conference, also held in Paris from July 7th – 10th 2015.

The aims of this one-day Workshop can be summarized as follows:

1. Highlighting some key results of current transport research, related to climate change.

2. Advising on the practical steps towards adaptation and mitigation actions in the short to medium term in the field of Transport.

3. Recommending the necessary policy actions at European level.

4. Providing a concise overview of the research being developed throughout Europe in the field of transport and with respect to climate change issues.

5. Identifying needs for future research on transport and climate change adaptation or mitigation issues.

The presentations covered a whole spectrum of Transport modes and focused on presenting research results and solutions that the European research community proposes as regards the role and interactions of the transport system with the climate change phenomenon. It will also focus on how to move from research to implementation in a constrained funding environment and time frame.

Through this workshop, the organisers intended to show the added value that can be accrued from multidisciplinary research in tackling our transport problems and the need to adapt to real societal needs and demands. It also demonstrated the greater synergies that can be achieved through the collaborative research approach adopted by the ETRA partners on the transport transversal issues and transport related global challenges.

For more information and the program details of the ETRA workshop, please go here.

Website:  ETRA Workshop Paris


July 06, 2015 - July 06, 2015


IFSTTAR offices, Auditorium, Cité Descartes 14-20, Boulevard Newton, 77447 Champs sur Marne- Marne la Vallée Cedex 2 , France


Contact Person:

Ms. Paulina Potemski at or Mr. Iraklis Stamos at

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