EcoMobility Alliance

Ambitious cities committed to sustainable transport



The EcoMobility Alliance is a network of cities committed to building a sustainable transport future ensuring low-carbon, people-centered and socially inclusive mobility options.


Through the EcoMobility Alliance, ICLEI brings together cities committed to advancing urban mobility to conceptualize, design and implement people- and climate-friendly urban mobility options that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

Though several activities, the EcoMobility Alliance reinforces local governments’ commitments to transforming their transportation systems and mobility patterns, aiming to reduce automobile dependency and become more sustainable, low-carbon and people-centered.

Activities of the Initiative

Outreach and coalition building:

Capacity building:

Policy-making and implementation:


Monitoring and reporting:


Focal Points

Tsu-Jui Cheng (, EcoMobility Alliance Manager, ICLEI