Decarbonization Champions

Decarbonization-champions-logoThe transport sector has to extensively reduce the amount of GHG emissions in the next four decades. The goal is to reach 3 or 2 Gt CO2e around 2050 in order to fulfill the Paris Agreement on Climate Change of limiting temperature increase (’well below 2°C’ above pre-industrial levels, and to aim for a temperature increase of not more than 1.5°C’).

The “Global Macro-Roadmap: An Actionable Vision”, which is being developed as part of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, draws a conceptual picture on how to achieve this ambitious goal. The vision requires contributions by all transport modes and interconnected areas. It calls a large variety of stakeholders for climate action.

The “Decarbonization Champions” listed on this page are real-world examples of net-zero emission transportation or decarbonization commitments by countries, cities or other sub-national entities, and companies. They show that the vision in the Global Macro Roadmap is already being applied successfully. Their strong leadership determines the success of decarbonization and limiting global temperature increase. We suggest that you also look at the “80 Days Campaign” which provides an overview of over 100 ambitious actions on transport and climate that were collected prior to COP21 in December, 2015.

About the Decarbonization Champions

Decarbonization Champions are countries, regions, cities or companies that committed themselves to the reduction of GHG emissions in the transport sector. They are leading entities in taking action on climate change in their respective field. The Decarbonization Champions are ambitious in terms of their targets and measures. Their plans are aiming at significantly mitigate their GHG emissions before or by mid-century.

Overview of Decarbonization Champions

You can find an overview of Decarbonization Champions in the table below. We provide a brief description of a Decarbonization Champion’s targets and actions as well as references and links for more information on each respective page.

This collection of Decarbonization Champions is being curated by the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport, on behalf of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC). Entries into the list below will be also included in our Twitter outreach efforts and reflected in relevant presentations and events. If you think your organization fits the profile, or would like to nominate a champion, please reach out to Nikola Medimorec ( The main criteria is to have a published medium- to long-term ambition for reducing transport related emissions that will help the transport sector to decarbonize altogether or to become part of a net-zero emission economy.

Decarbonization Champion  Goal
cubicycle-1 DHL’s GoGreen program – Company Zero Logistics-related Emissions by 2050
Germany-climate-action-plan Germany’s Climate Action Plan – Country Reduce GHG Emissions by 80 to 95% Below 1990 Levels by 2050
London-electric-taxi Taxi Company of London – Company Electrification of Fleet
City-of-Reykjavik-logo Reykjavik’s Climate Action Plan – City Emission Reduction of 73% below 2010 Levels by 2050