COVID-19’s impact on sustainable transport events in 2020

In last month’s news article, the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) introduced some of the major events for 2020 relevant for the sustainable transport community. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has immense impacts on the planned events and processes. This article gives an update and points to where you can find more information on this issue.


Main events are postponed

The Africa Climate Week, supposed to be 20-24 April in Kampala, Uganda, is postponed and a new date for later in the year will be identified. The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will publish any updates on this page.

The Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference will be postponed. It was planned to be held in Beijing on the 5-7 May. A few days ago, the following announcement has been uploaded to the official event website:


The Movin’On Summit 2020, due to take place in Montreal on June 3-5, announced its cancellation. Being not only a yearly event, but also a permanent ecosystem, Movin’On partners and stakeholders are anxious to continue advancing their projects, and actively committed to find alternative scenarios to keep all ecosystemic partners engaged, developing working groups (Communities of Interest) to continue building concrete solutions for sustainable mobility. The next events in the Movin’On ecosystem will be announced soon. All updated information are available on

COVID-19 comes along with the opportunity for organizations to try out teleworking and explore other alternative ways of working. Conferences are moving towards being virtual and utilizing videoconference options instead of in-person meetings. Various events will rethink their approach and probably announce an online rescheduling. The PPMC will keep an eye on the events concerning the sustainable transport community and release updates when needed.


Resources on COVID-19 for the transport community

Stay informed on activities by the transport community and the impact of COVID-19 by following key research pages: the SLOCAT Partnership prepared an information hub about COVID-19 with a list of webinars, resources and detailed updates on events.