COP25, Madrid, Spain, 2-13 December 2019

The Chile Climate Change Conference which will feature the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP25) will be held from 2 to 13 December 2019 in Madrid, Spain*. The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), a joint initiative by the SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and Movin’On, will be actively engaging the global transport community at COP25 and is working closely with the Chilean Presidency to advance sustainable, low carbon transport.

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All general information about the conference will be published by UNFCCC here and by the Chilean presidency here.


Sustainable Transport at COP25

The major activities and engagement of sustainable transport through PPMC are structured into the following pages:




Major Dates

Many events about transport and related sectors are being planned for the two weeks of COP25 in Madrid. The events are being held in the the official conference venues, the Pavilions, Action Hub and other venues.

December 6th (Friday): 

December  7th (Saturday):

For a detailed list of all side events related to sustainable mobility, please see our overview of sustainable transport events at COP25.


Sustainable Transport: The Journey to UNFCCC COP25 – Webinars around COP25

On the way to COP25, PPMC will be hosting a series of webinars to prepare for the engagement of the transport community in COP25 and through the Chilean Presidency in 2020. In the webinars, the SLoCaT Secretariat will present a timeline of key events in the run up to COP25 and show the planned activities (Transport Day 2019 and other major transport events).  It will also provide any practical information around COP25.

Presentation of COP25 webinar:



COP25 reporting

During COP25, PPMC will publish bi-daily reports about sustainable transport at the climate change conference. The reports keep the readers up-to-date on transport-related action at COP25 in Madrid. These reports aim to shine a light on the key developments and main insights of their relevance for the transport sector.

You can subscribe here to receive the bi-daily reports.

The reports will be published between 2nd and 13th December, followed by a summary report a few weeks later. Our main COP25 reporting page can be accessed here.


Reports on transport and climate change in support of COP25

UNFCCC MPGCA has released two major reports in the run up to COP25, that highlight the various climate actions in transport:

During the past years, PPMC, SLoCaT and the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) have released several reports on the topic of sustainable, low-carbon and resilient transport. The findings of these reports provide valuable input to the negotiations and discussions at COP25 and beyond. The knowledge collected in these reports show the recent information and analysis on transport decarbonisation. An overview of the released reports can be found here:



*Please read here about the withdrawal of Chile.