COP24, Katowice, Poland, December 2-14, 2018

Following the successful experience of tracking UNFCCC Negotiations from a transport perspective in the previous years, the PPMC is once again tracking how transport is reflected at the Climate Change Conference COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

The site will be updated and expanded soon with information on COP24 sustainable transport events, daily reporting information, key messages and outreach channels. Preparations for COP24 are on-going.

Major Dates

December 6th (Thursday): 

December 7th (Friday):

December  8th (Saturday):

December 11th (Tuesday):


Overview of Sustainable Transport Events

Every year at COP, the sustainable transport community comes together and presents in a variety of events how climate action for low carbon mobility can be accelerated. A comprehensive overview of sustainable transport events can be retrieved here.


Transport Day 2018

The Transport Day 2018 at COP24 is jointly organized by the European Commission’s CIVITAS Initiative and SLoCaT on behalf of the PPMC, and is hosted and supported by the City of Katowice.

Transport Day Organizers

The Transport Day 2018 will highlight the strong role of cities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality by implementing measures in the transport sector. For more information and the programme, please visit the Transport Day 2018 page and register here for the event.


COP24 Transport Key Messages

COP24 Key Messages PosterKey Message 1: Net decarbonization of the transport sector by 2050 is possible, but will require an immediate and concerted turnaround of global policy action

Key Message 2: Sustainable transport is necessary for countries to deliver on their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Key Message 3: Safe, low carbon, efficient and affordable mobility for all is essential to sustainable human development and must be enabled in all sustainable development policies

Key Message 4: Investments in low carbon transport can yield substantial, long-term benefits by increasing social cohesion and equity and reducing disability and deaths

Key Message 5: Integrated mobility solutions have the potential to transform transport systems into more efficient, low carbon, clean air, people-centered and planet-sensitive solutions

Key Message 6: The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate and the global transport community stand ready to support development and implementation of country, city and company actions on climate change and transport


See here the complete list of key messages and submessages on transport for COP24.



Bi-Daily COP24 Reporting

PPMC will summarize content of sustainable transport events at COP24 and shine a light on the key developments and main insights of their relevance for the transport sector. The COP24 transport reports will be published bi-daily during the two weeks of the climate change conference.

COP24 bi-daily reports:


A dedicated page on the reporting can be found here.



About Poland and Katowice, the host of COP24

Poland declared at the end of 2017 that the country will invest 1.44 billion USD in sustainable transport through a Low-Emission Transport Fund. This will help to finance 1,000 electric buses for Polish cities. The national government passed a law to support the development of e-mobility and the main goal is to have 1 million electric vehicles by 2025. Katowice strongly prioritizes people in transport planning and their SUMP Katowice 2030. The city plans to expand its tram network, develop a cycling path network.