Confirmed Speakers


Mr. Donat M. Bagula is the Executive Secretary of Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority, NCTTCA since March 2012. He brings with him over more than 20 years of service in transport industry at national and regional levels.Prior to joining Northern Corridor-TTCA, Mr. BAGULA was Director, Transport Policy and Planning & Coordinator of transport corridors and regional integration programs, Ministry of Transport, DR Congo.

Mr. BAGULA was instrumental in the establishment and drafting several transit & transport facilitation agreements as well as crafting transport corridors Business Strategies in Africa such as: the Northern Corridor agreement, Central Corridor, Walvis Bay, Dar es Salaam, Lobito and North-South Corridors agreements and their development strategies.He has a Master Degree in Economics and Finances; a MBA; and several specializations in transport economy, trade facilitation and management of PPPs in transport.


An experienced leader within the UN system, Helena is since 2013 heading up the Secretariat for the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC), hosted by the UN Environment in Paris. She is a former senior executive with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and a long-time proponent of sustainable development, climate change mitigation and disaster resilience. She was instrumental in developing and leading the global and multi-stakeholder Resilient Cities campaign 2010-2013. She worked with the World Bank to set up the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, and with the Pan American Health Organization on disaster preparedness and hospital mitigation.  In her early professional life she worked on improved bricks production from traditional kilns in Central America, and improved cook-stoves to reduce indoor air pollution and increase energy efficiency through a Swedish NGO. She holds a Masters degree in architecture with thesis on development planning and implementation from Lund University, Sweden.


Born in the Netherlands, graduated from the University of Bristol with a MEng in Civil Engineering in 2007. Graduated from a specialization study; MSc in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management, in 2011.

Currently employed at Norconsult AS in Trondheim, Norway. Working within the harbours division as group manager and specialist consultant in coastal engineering and climate change vulnerability analysis for coastal areas.

Active member of PIANC Norway as member of the board and YP representative. One of the lead authors for Working Group 178 working on ‘A guideline for climate change adaptation for maritime and inland port and navigation infrastructure’.


Sebastian Tolvett (M.Sc.) has over 10 years’ experience working in the environmental field. His career as a senior researcher in different projects related to pollution has led him to lead more than 15 projects in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, China and other countries. His experience in the field of generating relevant information for decision making and the ability to transmit clear and concise manner led him to serve as Head of Air Quality and Climate Change Ministry of Environment where one of his greatest contributions corresponds the design and implementation of a Strategy of Decontamination that drives the development of 14 Decontamination Plans conveying the sense of urgency of the air pollution in Chile. His deep expertise in the field, coupled with the ability to lead high performance teams in both private and public institutions, and thorough knowledge of public institutions will deliver a strong leadership and strategic vision in the development of environmental policies.

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In her capacity as Executive Director of IRF Geneva, Susanna Zammataro is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans for the organization.

As in house expert on environment and climate change, she is also responsible for the overall environmental programmes and activities run by the IRF Geneva. Leading projects in this field currently include the Greenhouse Gas Calculator for road infrastructure (CHANGER) and the Green Public Procurement Initiative. She represents IRF in several Technical Committees relating to Sustainability: she’s member of the independent review panel for INVEST (Integrated VicRoads Environmental Sustainability Tool) and member of the UNECE Climate Change Expert Group on Adaptation. She is also the accredited IRF representative for the COP negotiations (Conference of States Parties to UN treaty on Climate Change).


Born in Narbonne the 18th July 1983, Yann MONGABURU obtained a Master in Public Policy Analysis at the Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble. He is agent of social security in the Family Allowances Fund of Grenoble since 2012. Militant environmentalist, he participated actively in the election of Eric PIOLLE as mayor of Grenoble in March 2014.

In this sense, he became delegate member in the intercommunal council, vice president of Grenoble-Alpes Metropolis in charge of the transport sector and president of the Grenoble transport autohority (SMTC) in Grenoble. He promotes the approach “soothed metropolis”, which limits traffic speed to 30km / h in 43 of the 49 Grenoble municipalities.

Wishing to create a multimodal metropolis, Yann MONGABURU set the target to triple the cycling modal share part by 2020, as he aimed to improve the performance of the public transport network through experimentation and innovation on the existing tramlines, the rapid transit busses and the on-call transportation in sparsely populated areas and mountains.

Particularly sensitive to air quality related issues, he managed to cooperate with the prefect of Isere in order to implement a protocol of agreement between local authorities for pollution episodes management involving all stakeholders in Grenoble. He is also part of the first center of urban distribution initiative, decisive tool to organize progressive output diesel.

He wanted to offer a fair and equitable tarif for all users in order to make daily displacements affordable even for the most precarious public. His engagement and vigilance allows almost 25 000 people to benefit from pricing adapted to resources (subscriptions 2.5 € – 19.7 €  per month) and young people (18-24 years) to pay only € 15 per month, making the Grenoble network one of the cheapest in France.

Yann Mongaburu is also the director of the National french association of Transport Authorities (GART) and of the cycling cities and territories club to represent the Grenoble mobility on a national level.



Carina Borgström Hansson joined WWF in 2005 as an expert on sustainability indicators and the ecological footprint. As a member WWF’s global footprint steering group she has been pioneering the development of strategic approaches to reduce humanity’s  ecological footprint. This includes approaching the accelerating destruction of biodiversity and ecosystem services in WWF’s priority places by engaging with drivers far beyond these places, such as urbanization and consumer attitudes and lifestyles.  In 2011 she initiated WWF’s global city engagement with a focus on promoting urban solutions for attractive, equitable, and sustainable lifestyles. Carina leads WWF’s sustainable cities flagship initiative the Earth Hour City Challenge which recurrently invites cities to publically report their commitments and actions for the transition towards a sustainable and renewable energy based economy or a so called One Planet Future (ie where we all can live well within the ecological capacity of our one living planet).