Common Messages on Transport, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

COP25 Key Messages on Transport & Climate Change

For COP 25, a set of key messages have been developed on behalf of the PPMC.  These messages highlight some of the existing solutions and outstanding challenges for sustainable, low carbon mobility and transport.

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2017 Key Messages on Transport, Sustainable Development and Climate

For COP 23 in Bonn (November 2017), PPMC developed with the global transport community the following key messages:

  • Decarbonization of all modes of transport by 2050 is possible, but action is needed now;
  • Action on low carbon transport supports eight of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Investments in sustainable low carbon transport offer great value for money;
  • Innovative solutions have the potential to transform current transport systems into efficient, low carbon people-orientated solutions;
  • Sustainable transport will be essential for countries to deliver on their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs); and
  • The global transport community stands ready to support countries, cities and companies action on climate change and development


The common messages on Transport, Sustainable Development and Climate Change are guided by previous work:

Key Messages on transport and Habitat III

The PPMC has developed a number of key messages on transport and Habitat III, to guide the development and discussion of the “New Urban Agenda”, the outcome document of Habitat III.

This includes:

  • Five Key Messages on delivering sustainable urban transport – What to do?
  • Five specific requirements for SUT in the “New Urban Agenda” (NUA) to be agreed at Habitat III – How to do it?
  • Five warning signs of un-sustainable urban transport trends


#WeAreTransport as Common Hashtag (#) to Rally the Sustainable Transport Community

2015 demonstrated the strength of coordinated outreach on transport and climate change. #WeAreTransport hashtag was used during COP21 in more than 18,000 tweets by 730 users and reached to more than 3 Million Twitter users. Since then, all stakeholders on sustainable transport have made use of #WeAreTransport in support of their policy outreach on Sustainable Transport at COP 22 and COP 23, where Twitter activities around #WeAreTransport reached 2.3 million people and gained over a quarter million impressions.