Climate action for transport mitigation and adaptation


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This event will explore actions taken by the Estonian Government to support Climate policy implementation and capacity building in addition to a global initiative taken by leaders in the transport sector regarding adaption: COP22 Declaration on Accelerated Action on Adaptation in Transport

Chair: Annela Anger-Kraavi (Estonian Ministry of the Environment) 

15.00-15.10 Welcome by Meelis Münt, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Estonia

15.10-15.25 Mart Raamat (Estonian Ministry of the Environment)

Sustainable transport as a way of boosting innovation and local economies

Continuous innovation is the key for reaching climate policy goals in the transport sector. This presentation looks at freight transport –  technology options for reducing environmental footprint and state policies inflicting and supporting innovative solutions. 

15.25-15.40 Hannu Lamp (Estonian Ministry of the Environment)

Emissions trading to support electromobility and other climate friendly transportation.
Among other sources of financing (domestic tax revenue, EU structural financing) Estonia has been successful to use its CO2 emissions trading revenue to support a switch to climate friendly transportation. This financing was used to purchase energy efficient trams for Tallinn and energy-efficient inter-city coaches. A country-wide electromobility programme was also established. This programme built the most dense electric car (EV) quick charging network in the World, provided EV-s to social workers, set up a grant scheme to subsidise EV-s and an set up EV rental points in all major cities in Estonia

15.40 – 15.55 Cornie Huizenga (Slocat Partnership)

COP22 Declaration on Accelerated Action on Adaptation in Transport

A number of leading transport organisations identified that adaption was a key issue for sustinable development and launched the

The Declaration on Accelerated Action on Adaptation in Transport was launched at COP22. This presentation will review the key points, progress to date and next steps to galvanise action on adaption across the sustainable transport sector.

15.55 – 16.10 Nick Craven (UIC, International Union of Railways)

UIC project RailAdapt

This presentation will consider key themes and policy recommendations to support cost effective and rapid adaption in the rail sector at the global level. It will present preliminary findings from the UIC project RailAdapt.

16.10 – 16.30 Discussion



May 15, 2017


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Berlin (112)


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Nicholas Craven

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