C40 Green and Healthy Streets Declaration (Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration)

Raising ambition and catalyzing markets

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Building upon the success of the C40 Cities Clean Bus Declaration, C40 launched the Green and Healthy Streets Declaration (Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration) in October 2017. It has two goals 1. To give a clear signal to the private sector that there is a growing demand for zero emission products and services 2. To raise the level of ambition among all cities to transition to zero emissions transport


Signatory cities commit to:

  1. Procure, with their partners, only zero emission buses from 2025
  2. Ensure a major area of the city is zero emissions by 2030
Partners and Signatories

26 cities around the world (20 C40 cities and 6 non-C40 cities) have signed the declaration as of October 2018. Signatories so far are: Auckland, Barcelona, Birmingham (UK), Cape Town, Copenhagen, Greater Manchester, Heidelberg, Honolulu, London, Los Angeles, Medellin, Mexico City, Milan, Oslo, Oxford,  Paris, Quito, Rome, Rotterdam, Santa Monica, Seattle, Seoul, Tokyo, Vancouver, Warsaw, West Hollywood.

Activities of the Initiative

Outreach and coalition building:

  • The declaration was launched at the Together 4 Climate event in Paris in October 2017, where mayors of 12 cities committed to the declaration. More information on the declration and the activities signatory cities are taking to deliver the objectives can be found here
  • Over 2018, C40 used the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to build momentum around the declaration and announce a total of 26 signatory cities (with a purchase potential of over 80,000 buses and population reach of 140 million citizens). An event on the main programme at GCAS showcased the declaration, including 3 mayors talking about their commitment, and important stakeholders Leaseplan and the International Transport Workers’ Federation voicing their support.
  • C40 have been working with The Climate Group and Under 2 Coaltion to launch the ZEV Challenge – pulling together the demand for zero emission vehicles from business, states and regions, and cities, to then challenge vehicle manufacturers to ensure they meet the demand and commit to a future of only zero emission vehicles.
  • C40 have delivered regional workshops to support signatory cities to design their zero emission area strategy and timeline. The initial workshops were held in Seattle and Milan in 2017, and a third regional workshop will be held in Latin America in early 2018.
  • Access to cities for freight and commercial vehicles is an ongoing challenge for cities wanting to shift to zero emissions, C40 is developing a new workstream on zero emissions freight to problem solve the challenges facing cities delivering zero emission areas.

Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration: https://www.c40.org/other/fossil-fuel-free-streets-declaration

Focal Point

Gunjan Parik, gparik@c40.org