ADP 2-8 Session Geneva, Switzerland 8-13 February 2015

The principal achievement of ADP 2-8 was the completion of a Party-owned negotiating text. The Geneva text has put Parties on a path to make history at COP21, and many ADP 2-8 delegates seemed cautiously optimistic about prospects for Paris, amidst a growing sense of urgency to increase convergence at ADP 2-9 in Bonn.

Discussions in Geneva offered glimmers of hope for elevating the stature of transport within the UNFCCC process in raising key topics such as fossil fuel subsidy reform, establishing transport more tangibly in to the scope of CTCN activities, and proposing greater scrutiny for emissions generated through the aviation and maritime sectors. Nonetheless, ‘transport’ is rarely mentioned in the negotiating text, and transport continues to trail other sectors in discussions of pre-2020 ambition and post-2020 action.

For additional information, see SLoCaT’s ADP 2-8 report