Action for Climate Friendly Transport (ACT)

A global coalition decarbonising the transport sector

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On the occasion of the United Nations Secretary-General Climate Action Summit, for the first time, over 100 organisations come together in a bold commitment to decarbonise transport. Action towards Climate-friendly Transport (ACT) is the largest global coalition aiming to catalyse transport as an enabler of sustainable development in line with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.


The coalition delivers on its goals by connecting innovative approaches with integrated long-term planning, accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles, creating a mass market for zero-emission freight vehicles and fostering global dialogue arenas with the private sector.

Activities of the initiative

ACT is delivering results through four crucial components:

After the Summit, the momentum created through ACT will foster innovations by connecting multiple stakeholders from the private sector, governments, cities, NGOs and academia. The implementation of all components will be supported through UN-Habitat. The ACT coalition of subnational governments, corporations and organisations will work together to build capacity, facilitate integrated city and transport planning processes, drive public procurement processes and provide exchange platforms with the private sector and financiers. With ACT, the transport sector is substantially bolstering its role in climate action locally and globally.

Focal Point

Christopher Dekki, Senior Associate, SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport

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