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PPMC Stakeholder meeting- about us


The PPMC is an open and inclusive platform that actively invites all organizations and initiatives that support effective action on transport and climate change to join in the process. The PPMC was created in early 2015 to strengthen the voice of the sustainable transport community in the UNFCCC process, especially with a view to the upcoming Conference of Parties (COP21) in December 2015 in Paris.

During COP21 the PPMC was able to showcase the vitality and strength of the sustainable transport community in terms of action on Transport and Climate Change. By bringing together different actors and stakeholders in the sustainable transport community the PPMC made it possible for the transport sector to have its voice heard and speak with one voice on the important contribution that sustainable mobility can make to the mitigation of, and adaptation to climate change.

Following the success of the PPMC during COP21, the stakeholders in the PPMC agreed on March 10th during a stakeholder meeting to extend the PPMC for another year.


In 2016, the PPMC will continue to convene the global sustainable transport community to contribute optimally to the implementation of:

The PPMC will engage global processes on sustainable development and climate change to ensure that implementation arrangements are conducive for action by the transport sector.

In 2016 the PPMC will extend its activities to sustainable development. A direct reason for this is the Habitat III Conference, which will take place in October, 2016 in Quito, Ecuador and which will agree on a New Urban Agenda, which will guide sustainable urban development over the next 20 years.


The Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and Movin’ on (former Michelin Challenge Bibendum (MCB)) have taken the initiative for the PPMC. Together they bring together over 150 organizations working on sustainable mobility representing multi- and bilateral development organizations, financing institutions, civil society and foundations, academe and the business sector. The PPMC is an open and inclusive platform that actively invites all organizations and initiatives that support effective action on transport and climate change to join in the process.


The activities of the PPMC in 2016 are guided by two central principles:



In 2016 the PPMC will structure its work through three main components:

  1. Common Framework for Transport, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. The purpose of developing the Common Framework is to provide the sector with an enabling narrative that delivers improved access and realizes social and environmental sustainability. The Common Framework will be based on the Avoid-Shift-Improve Approach. It will provide a medium term target framework up to 2030, aligned with the 2030 Global Goals on Sustainable Development.
  2. Macro Road Map for Decarbonizing the Transport sector. To meet the ultimate 1.5 Degree Celsius target set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change it will required that the transport sector becomes “zero net emission” early in the second part of the current century.  The Road Map intends to focus on innovation and opportunities, rather than on the constraints!
  3. A number of Quick-win Actions to kick start the transformation of the transport sector. It is important, in addition to the medium and long term focus on the Common Framework and the Macro Road Map there is a need for guidance on policy and actions that can be taken in the period 2016 – 2020. Such Quick Win actions should have substantial sustainable development and climate change benefits. They should have been tested at scale and known to be replicable across regions. It is important as well that they contribute to, or stimulate long term transformation. It is expected that the Quick Wins will cover both passenger and freight transport.

The PPMC will continue outreach on sustainable, low carbon and resilient transport through a number of common messages on mobility, climate and sustainable development.

The PPMC partners and other interested groups will develop a series of knowledge products and disseminate these to stakeholders on climate change and sustainable development.

To ensure that PPMC recommendations fully reflect the views of the transport community a series of national and regional dialogues will be conducted in the 2016.

The PPMC will take the lead in organizing a series of official and unofficial side events on sustainable mobility and climate change throughout 2016. This includes a Transport Day during the Habitat III 3rd Prep. Com. in Surabaya, Indonesia; another one during the Habitat III Conference itself in October, 2016 in Quito and during COP22 in November in Marrakech, Morocco.


The PPMC supports other initiatives on transport and climate change. This includes specifically the Transport Initiatives under the Lima Paris Action Agenda (LPAA).

PPMC Operational Plan

An operational plan for the PPMC is under development.

To get more information on the PPMC in 2016,  the full presentation of the March 10th Stakeholder Meeting is available here.

Also, if you are interested to contribute to the PPMC as a partner or sponsor, please contact Mark Major (mark.major@slocatpartnership.org) and Patrick Oliva (m.patrick.oliva@gmail.com)