2017 A new Transport Decarbonization Alliance calls frontrunners to step forward!

Saturday November 11th

Today, at the Bonn Climate Conference, 5pm in the French Pavilion, France’s Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne, Portugal’s Environment State Secretary José Gomes Mendes and Holland’s Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom will launch a call to action and advocate the establishment of the Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA) they are working on. The initiators – France, Portugal, The Netherlands and Costa Rica – firmly believe that more ambition and action is needed in the Transport sector. The time is now, to join forces in accelerating low and zero emission solutions for the mobility of people and freight logistics.

The Alliance aims to become a leading, out-of-the-box-thinking and synergistic forum of the willing in which frontrunners on transport and climate change will cooperate in accelerating the transition to an overall net-zero emission economy. Founding countries want to take the fast track to decarbonization. They are convinced that it is the fast track to a social, sustainable and economic renaissance. 

The Alliance trusts that governments, cities/territories and companies committed to decarbonize rapidly will, jointly together, succeed in building and massively deploying solutions, at a cost acceptable by society at large and with high returns. The Alliance is convinced that the visionaries, leaders and practitioners in business, science and government must be trusted to put the world on the right journey to a rejuvenated economy.  Credible roadmaps to transformation exist, technical, behavioral and institutional barriers have to be tackled. Countries must now phase and synergize their efforts with cities and companies so that the right public policies, at national and subnational levels, match and foster the needed strategic investments.

Companies such as Michelin, Alstom, ITAIPU Binacional have already responded positively. Many more will.

Cities such as Quito and Barcelona have expressed an interest. Many more will.

PPMC, the collaborative multi-stakeholder platform created for COP 21 (Paris Process on Mobility and Climate), is ready to facilitate the process.

Members of the TDA will also strive to bring about a much-needed alignment between decarbonization in the transport, energy and ICT sectors.

By setting an inspiring joint stage, the TDA will strengthen the voice of countries, cities and companies in their peer group communities (multilateral negotiations, e.g. UNFCCC, business associations and city networks) to champion the decarbonization of transport.

The TDA will thus grow its membership in a gradual manner, to accompany and accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which includes the following key milestones: the Facilitative Dialogue during 2018-2019; development and maintenance of progressively more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)  and the submission of  Long-Term Emission Reduction Strategies by 2020. 

Initiators are convinced that determined countries, cities and companies will hear their call to action and join the Initiative. Because it is the most realistic way to move forward!!

For further information:

Holger Dalkmann (Co-Chair Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCat), holger.dalkmann@slocat.org; +491724388567, www.ppmc-transport.org

Paulina Potemski, French government, paulina.potemski@development-durable.gouv.fr

André Duarte, Portugese government, andre.duarte@mamb.gov.pt, +351 910 797 377

Petrouschka Werther, Dutch government, petrouscka.werther@minienm.nl

Nicolas Beaumont, Michelin, nicolas.beaumont@michelin.com

Barry Howe, Alstom, barry.howe@alstomgroup.com